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Haladjian Mobile Equipment Construction

Our mission is to support customer to maximize avaibility increase productivity and reduce cost per ton.

Haladjian mobile equipment solutions Mining aims to reduce cost per ton : Maximise avaibility, Increase productivity, improve efficiency during mining operations  and reduce environmental and economic risks.

Support your mobile mining machines, during your drilling, blasting, excavation, loading or hauling operations. Inspections, diagnosis, engineering & services solutions for drill, Shovel, Dumper, Dozer, grader…

Our  tecnicals teams is working to improve your productivity by doing site assessments with buckets and GET audit, and, providing dedicated solutions. On mechanical operation we support you with our partinium parts, or component program to help you with planned maintenance. Target : no unplanned downtime.

On services :  we are a real technical support. At first areas manager and technical inspector for audit. Then Expert in Drilling, mechanical and welding Highly skilled expert. And finally trainers to develop your team.

Our rebuilt Center in France for all components and Ouagagoudou for drills drifters deliver a high quality level service.

Our international logistic with bonded  warehouse in Dakar, Ouagadougou, Abidjan allow us to be responsive with a large stock.

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