Maximise your rate of productivity by opting for entirely personalised, on-site technical assistance


To assist you in the optimisation and availability of your machinery, we perform in-depth audits of your production equipment and crawler tracks directly on-site.

All our inspections are performed by experienced technical inspectors who then provide a detailed report of their examination with recommendations for optimisation or refurbishment.


For scheduling maintenance interventions
For minimising machine shutdowns and associated costs
For adjusting equipment in case of unusual wear
For estimating the next year’s budget

STEP 1 - Technical audit for each range of products on your site (buckets, crawler tracks,...)

  • Examination of each machine in its working environment (operating constraints; type of work, equipment used, etc.)
  • Detailed analysis and measurement of wear dimensions of equipment and components for each machine
  • Definition of goals to achieve

STEP 2 - Drafting of a detailed report for each machine

  • Identification of equipment and components
  • Inventory of level of wear with visual support
  • Processing of data collected and comparison with manufacturer’s wear table
  • Recommendations for refurbishment depending on degree of urgency (urgent/highly recommended/advised), risks induced and remaining service life

STEP 3 - Proposals of a complete offer for refurbishment with technical solutions adapted to the observed working environment

  • Costing of parts
  • Estimate of intervention time (labour)
  • Where appropriate, 3D diagram of corrective actions to apply
  • Scheduling of required actions

STEP 4 - Assistance with the implementation of our recommendations under the best performance and safety conditions

  • Practical training and sharing of knowledge with teams in the field
  • Provision of technical data available if needed