We provide you with our experience and know-how in procurement and stock management.


We assist you in stock management of your sites and give you recommendations for:

  • Defining the level of on-site buffer stocks
  • Ensuring the procurement streams of parts to your sites
  • Maintaining a balance between your stock levels and your needs


STEP 1 - Definition of an optimal procurement chain

We set-up a procurement chain and customised logistics taking different criteria into account, such as:

  • Buffer stock: constitution of a buffer stock adapted to your activity
  • Approval circuit: your internal order approval circuit
  • Production and logistics: supplier production deadlines (+/- 4 months) & shipping times to Africa (+/- 2 months)

STEP 2 - Personalised deployment of working procedures

During collaborative work meetings, we define the whole set of data to be sent to us, such as the state of your stocks, your consumption monthly and over the last 12 months, your current supplier orders ...

In return, we provide you with solutions to suit your real needs : analysis of data; procurement recommendations, graphical monitoring of consumptions and stock levels,...