Bucket optimization


  • Site: gold mine - Africa 
  • Material: Rock
  • Machine : TEREX® RH120 / CATERPILLAR® 6030 – Face Shovel bucket 16.5m3 – 32 metric tonnes


Optimization objectives :

  • Analysis of the current protection kits and reasons for their poor performance
  • Bucket overhaul to lengthen its lifetime and simplify future maintenance operations
  • Technical training for the teams in welding procedures to upgrade their skills
  • Optimization of the mining bucket repair worksite organization
Result after 2000h of production time: No structural parts showed signs of wear: the kit setup ensured total protection. Increased bucket in-service time: the protection kit optimizes the wear material distribution without increasing the bucket weight.



Scheduling :

1/  Technical inspection 

Bucket measurements taken on the site and bucket wear report written by Haladjian technical inspectors
2/  Technical offer 
Design of a customized protection kit with total bucket weight impact study, respecting the  machine design; preparation of a complete part listing with installation plans supervised by the Study Bureau manager.
3/ Theory training
for the welding teams on their site, carried out by outside instructors specialized in:
- metallurgy and welding applied to the mining field
- setup, maintenance and follow-up of ESCO wear parts


4/  Worksite scheduling and optimization of downtime  for works
Operational works organized shift by shift, with a piloting chart appropriate for the mine maintenance scheduling (weekly follow-up, schedule planning, anticipation of heavy handling work).
5/ Overhaul
structural repairs (blade, bars and welding), installation of the protection kit designed by Haladjian. Works supervised by a Haladjian worksite foreman, seconded to the site.